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We Facilitate Strategic Alliances in High Growth Industries

New Green Energy Technologies

We've streamlined the process of distributing new Green Energy Technologies by forming Strategic Alliances.

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FinTech and Banking

Banks and other financial institutions must innovate in order to maintain customer growth, engagement, and satisfaction. Our systems lead to growth and increased Lifetime Customer Value

Grid Independent Data Centers

If your company is substantially dependent upon data, you would be wise to form a Strategic Alliance with the developer of this incredible Energy-Independent Data Center.

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Why Strategic Alliances are Better Than an Acquisition

Acquisitions take time and cost money. In fact, in the time that it could take to acquire another company that has exceptional technology, you may end up losing a greater amount of money in opportunity cost.
Strategic Alliances can be arranged quickly and require far less investment.


How Strategic Alliances Grow Your Company Faster

If you are smaller sized company with terrific innovation, the fastest way to penetrate the market Is through a Strategic Alliance with a larger partner who already has a distribution system in place.
Likewise, if you are a large company, the fastest way to innovate is to seek Strategic Alliances outside of your organization where innovation happens at a rapid pace. Access to rapid innovation will cause new business growth.


Current Strategic Alliance Opportunites

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Learn the Process of a Multi-Million Dollar Strategic Alliance

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Understanding the Value of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

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New IDEAS Produce New Technologies

Strategic Alliance USA is a NEW
way to grow your business.

New TECHNOLOGIES Produce New Profits!

Strategic Alliance USA is the BEST
way to grow your business.

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Strategic Alliance USA is the FASTEST
way to grow your business.

Example of a Strategic Alliance Company with a
Breakthrough Energy Storage Technology.

Why This Site Is Different

  • Although strategic alliances are not new, the methodology of forming them that we utilize is totally new and innovative.
  • We provide a means to Showcase new start-up or early stage opportunities for large strategic partners to invest in.
  • Instead of searching for a venture capitalist, entrepreneurs with Innovative technologies put their technology in front of large corporations that can benefit directly from the technology.

How It Works...

  • Strategic Alliance USA serves as a platform for matching small and large businesses in a mutually beneficial business relationship.
  • We help in the formation process by categorizing and showcasing the opportunities offered by both large and small companies.
  • In some cases, our company called MarketPower USA will take an equity position in a Special Purpose Entity that is set up to facilitate the Strategic Alliance. By doing so, we can help provide strategic marketing and coordination of the venture going forward.

What Is Strategic Alliance USA

Strategic Alliance USA is a new way to grow your business.

By joining forces with another company, it is possible for you to gain momentum and achieve faster growth through the synergistic efforts and resources of others that are complementary to your Core Business Mission.

What To Do Next...

If you think that your business or company is ready for a Strategic Alliance, we invite you to submit an application which will be reviewed by our professional Business Alliance Team.


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There is only opportunity!

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